Europe "De Morgen" on the Success of "La Crise" Song in Greece

“De Morgen” on the Success of “La Crise” Song in Greece


The Belgian newspaper De Morgen cited an article written in Dutch regarding the success of the Belgian song “La Crise”. The popular Flemish singer Daan talks about the crisis affecting not only Greece, but all of  Europe .

According to the report, the main message of the song is that people should not blindly accept the crisis and suffer from it, but to be strong, even if it takes a rebellion at all levels. The singer is looking for a Greek to sing his song and record a Greek version.

It is also noteworthy that due to the participation of the Greek bassist Chatzigeorgiou, the music of the song has influences of two “archetypal” Greek musical instruments, baglama and bouzouki. The song was at first broadcasted in a radio station of Thessaloniki and this is how it became widely known in Greece.

According to the newspaper, the popularity of the song in Greece has to do with its message. It certainly has traditional and cultural characteristics and because of this creates an atmosphere of familiarity to the Greek public.

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