Europe Dule Elected Vice President of Albanian Parliament

Dule Elected Vice President of Albanian Parliament

Vangjel DuleThe Albanian parliament, in today’s meeting, Thursday 26 September, decided by vote the election of the president of the Human Rights Union Party, Vaggelis Dule (Vangjel Dule) to the office of the Vice-President of the Albanian Parliament.

A number of 104 representatives voted in favor of Dule’s candidacy, four opposed and six abstained.

Vangjel Dule was proposed for this office by the Parliamentary Group of the ruling Socialist Party.

In an interview to AMNA, the Prime Minister Edi Rama referred to Dule’s appointment to Vice President of the Parliament. When asked if there had been any minister of Greek origin in the government since the collapse of the communist regime, he stated: “We are sure that Mr. Dule will contribute, with his maturity and his experience, to the good management of the parliamentary work.”


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