Europe Europe's Thessalians Want Air Connection to Volos

Europe’s Thessalians Want Air Connection to Volos

aeroporiki-syndesi-n-agxialou-me-tin-kevropi-zitoun-oi-thessalikoi-syllogoi-germanias-1-315x236The Federation of Thessalian Associations of Germany and other European states expressed their support to the attempt of the municipal authorities in Volos, Greece, to develop fixed flights that will connect Volos Airport- Nea Aghialos to Central Europe.

This support was expressed by the President of the Federation of Thessalian Associations of Germany and other European states, Diamantis Gikas, during a meeting he had with the President of the Committee on Tourism Promotion and Development of Volos, S. Bartzioka.

Gikas, who has been in the region of Volos lately, visited Bartzioka at the Tourist Information Center and together they discussed about the prospects of connecting Volos Airport- Nea Aghialos (VOL) to  European cities.

As he said, “Such an air connection would serve at maximum tens of thousands of passengers of Thessalian decsent and maybe many more immigrants of neighboring prefectures that live in Germany and during the last fifteen years are traveling more and more by air from Germany to Greece.”

He noted that the function of an air line that will connect Nea Aghialos of Magnesia to Germany (Munich, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf or other big cities for example) is not necessary.

Bartzioka, as well as Gikas, expressed the wish that the effort of  the Volos Municipality and other local bodies to launch fixed flights will prove successful. They agreed that Nea Aghialos airport is one of the most important factors of financial development for the region.

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