Greek News Crime Tsochatzopoulos Blames PASOK, Papandreou

Tsochatzopoulos Blames PASOK, Papandreou

Tsohatzopoulos trialFormer Greek defense minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos, on trial for money-laundering and corruption charges, said that the charges against him came from “political and judicial centers of power” that are based on “desires from above” – and pointed the finger at former prime minister and previous PASOK Socialist leader George Papandreou.
In his testimony Tsochatzopoulos avoided making any reference to the evidence against him, the cash flows and off-shore companies tied to him and said the charges were fabricated because Papandreou wanted to get him and was collaborating with the judges.
He also reiterated his request to summon the members of the Government Council on National Defense (KYSEA) during his tenure and another former premier he served, Costas Simitis.
Tsochatzopoulos asserted that summoning the other KYSEA members would “lead to the crux of the matter”.
He also claimed that “Parliament was manipulated” and that no other minister has been attacked as much as he since the fall of the military junta in 1974 and said justice is being perverted to persecute him.
Tsochatzopoulos said political powers conspired against him and said he was stunned to be arrested after he said he served the people of Greece for 40 years.
The government, however, has produced mountains of evidence against him and seized his mansion under the Acropolis. He’s already been convicted of not reporting the sources of his wealth, for which he received an eight-year sentence.

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