Greece Golden Dawn Members Try to Stage Event in Delphi

Golden Dawn Members Try to Stage Event in Delphi

E79F2D28817506B4DBE5BB73ECB06A2BAccording to the police, Golden Dawn members prevented several visitors from entering the archaeological site of Delphi, which remained open last night, due to the events that took place in archaeological sites and museums throughout Greece for the August full moon.
The members of the nationalist party, ignoring the other visitors who were enjoying the annual evening event dedicated to the full moon of August, tried to create an event “with standard suggestions and educational discussions entitled Greek history issues.
According to the newspaper Vima, the political party mentioned that it planned to stage an event “at the holiest place in the ancient world […] about matters of Greek history.” The other parties have accused the Nazi ideologues of Golden Dawn of “exploiting and desecrating” the archeological site.

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