Greece Antiracist Festival Set For Naufpaktos

Antiracist Festival Set For Naufpaktos

ckdmslabox52145b26d4940The free press magazine “in fact” is organizing a celebration “of resistance and solidarity” for refugees, a festival in Naufpaktos involving more than 50 groups from the region: immigrant communities, anti-racist groups, student drawings, artists’ groups, political organizations and private businesses.
According to the organizers of the event, “This year’s festival coincides with the worst constant assault  to the immigrants and refugees. Amnesty International condemns Greece for the absence of a legislation which protects immigrants from racist attacks, racist crimes with no punishment taking place in the country. It is noteworthy that the far right parties have dangerously high levels of popularity, affecting ignorant people in this direction.”
The organizers added: “For those who participate in the festival, locals and migrants, we believe that no one is “illegal. No human right is unnecessary. No man is expendable. Nobody cares if you are white not. We believe only that: the only open road is the continuation of the struggle against the current situation.”
“That’s why we can talk, sing, play and dance together making the best move against racism: the celebration!. “