Europe Tourism in Greece Boosts Austrian Tourist Offices

Tourism in Greece Boosts Austrian Tourist Offices

Greece22Greece is returning to its good old days as far as tourism is concerned, bringing Austrian tourist offices an impressive increase in their turnover. “Greece has returned to its former force,” Martin Fast, Director of the large tourist group Rewe Austria Touristik said, during the presentation of the winter holiday  catalog of his group in Vienna.

The group, which includes the Austrian Tourist businesses ITS Billa Reisen and Jahn Reisen, has recorded an important increase for the summer season so far, with visitors increasing by 16 percent, as well as a turnover of 21 percent, which “to a large extent is due to Greece, which presents an increase of 37 percent, while an increase of 28 percent is recorded for Turkey.”

An increase for the same group for the summer time (May to October), is recorded for Spain (24%), Cuba (24%) and Tunisia (15%), while among the losers of the tourist season 2013 are Cyprus with a reduction of 14 percent because of the negative news of its economy and Egypt at three percent, because of the tension, which, however, have not led to cancellations, according to Fast.

More Austrian travel agencies stressed the impressive increase of the bookings for holidays in Greece in 2013 during the last weeks , foreseeing that summer 2013 belongs to Greece. Similar reports have been made in the dozens of relevant publications and tributes to Greek tourism by the Austrian press, which talk about the “big demand that Greece has once again,” or “Greece returns to the top of Austrian tourists’ preferences.”

An average of more than 500,000 Austrian tourists visit Greece each year, while Austria, in proportion to its population, which is 8,4 million residents, has been for years placed first, as far as the arrivals of foreign tourists in Greece are concerned.

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