Greek News Crime FYROM Objects to Auto Vandalism

FYROM Objects to Auto Vandalism

SKOPIA_513_355The FYROM Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a demarche to the Head of Greece’s Liaison Office in Skopje, Ambassador Theocharis Lalakos, because of the “frequent incidents of damage” to cars with license plates from FYROM, within the Greek territory.

In the same demarche, the Foreign Ministry expressed its protest against the “organized gathering that recently took place on the borders Greece-FYROM, where the existence of extreme nationalist printed material, accompanied with offenses, threats and hate speech against FYROM citizens was found,” (FYROM officials said the gathering was led by Golden Dawn).

The FYROM Foreign Ministry “expects of Greek authorities to take necessary measures so that such incidents will be avoided in the future.”

Some days ago, the FYROM Foreign Ministry announced that from the beginning of the tourist season in Greece, unknown people caused damage and removed signs from at least 30 cars belonging to citizens of FYROM, who were on  holiday at resorts in Northern Greece.

The reports of the FYROM Foreign Ministry concerning incidents of vehicle damage within the Greek territory and members of Golden Dawn gathering on the border of Greece-FYROM, were particularly projected by a lot of mass media in Skopje during the last days.

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