Greek News Crime Spate of Rapes In Malia, Crete

Spate of Rapes In Malia, Crete

images.watchit.grThe British newspaper Mirror published a long article on July 29 under the title “”Malia 2013: Three British girls raped in a week in notorious Crete party resort.”

The article lies on the first page of the electronic edition of the newspaper. The article calls Malia the “notorious Crete party resort.”

“UK women are now spending their holidays worrying about sex attacks amid claims that three have been raped in the past seven days,” the article writes.

It continues: “With its countless bars flogging cheap booze and all-night party lifestyle, it’s easy to see why Malia is a magnet for young Brits wanting to have fun in the sun.”

The author adds: “The mix of free-flowing alcohol and girls in skimpy clothing is also attracting a more sinister sort to the crowded resort – rapists.”

“The hedonistic party town on the Greek island of Crete is still reeling from the brutal knife murder of British holidaymaker Tyrell Matthews-Burton during a brawl,” the article reports.

“But on a night out this weekend, the Mirror discovered the fear of violence was being outweighed by that of rape – as it is in other popular seaside resorts across the Mediterranean,” the author explained.

The article relies on official statistical data concerning rapes in Crete, according to which, 25 reports have been made to police in 2011 about incidents of rapes. The number of British girls sexually attacked or raped abroad rose 10 percent last year to 310 from 281 cases in 2011, according to statistics.

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