Europe Protopsalti In Berlin Humanitarian Concert

Protopsalti In Berlin Humanitarian Concert

Alkistis Protopsalti
Alkistis Protopsalti

On behalf of Greece, singer and composer Alkistis Protopsalti will participate in the June 7 HOPE, an international humanitarian concert, will take place at the Velodrom concert hall in Berlin. International and Iranian stars will lend their voices to let the people of Iran know they are not alone in their struggle for human rights and freedom.

The concert will be hosted by the famous American-Iranian journalist and human rights advocate Roxana Saberi , who was arrested in Iran on trumped-up charges in 2009 and freed after an international outcry for her release.

This event is a one-of-a-kind concert, as famous artists from the USA, U.K., Spain, Sweden, Greece, Italy, France, Russia and Iran are participating in the concert.

These artists are not only representing their own countries, but they are joining together as one to send a clear and loud message to the people of Iran that the entire world is united for them and hears their silenced voices.

All proceeds from the tickets will be donated to the NGO Children of Persia ( to finance medical treatment for children in Iran, and to the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran (

“Hope is the strongest driving force” – Óscar Arias Sánchez, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Under this slogan, the Artists will express their support for the Iranian people and amplify their voices on the international stage. The stars and the concert do not represent any political views or agenda and are united in their call for universal human rights, a peaceful way of living, and democracy.

This historic HOPE concert is supported by prominent business leaders, artists, authors, doctors and humanitarian organizations from all over the world, people of all faiths and religions who leave their differences aside in order to send a message of hope and solidarity to the Iranian people.

The legendary artist Stevie Wonder , who has had more than 30 worldwide hits and received 22 Grammy Awards, is lending his support and contributing his song “ My Love ” to the concert with his blessing to the people of Iran. All the artists will raise their voices at the end of the evening to perform his very special song that sends a message of unity, harmony and peace.

Tickets for the HOPE Concert, June 7th, 8 pm at the Velodrom: Tickets price will range from €35 to €120, can be ordered by Telephone (+49[0]30/4430/4430) or online:, http://www.gegenbauer-ticketservice.de


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