Europe Greek Students Say Czech Cops Beat Them

Greek Students Say Czech Cops Beat Them

prague studentsThird-grade Lyceum Greek students and teachers who accompanied them on a five-day school trip to Prague were rousted and allegedly assaulted by police, according to reports from Greek websites, and

The students, all from senior high schools in Crete, of Anogia, Perama, Panormou, Agioi Deka, Tzermiades and Agios Nikolaos, as well as from Thessaloniki, were staying at the Albion Hotel.

On March 12, the hotel-manager reportedly upset that the students were rowdy at 2 a.m., called the police. The Greeks said the police entered the hotel, insulted and beat them and made a teacher stand against the wall for a body search.

One student said he was bruised, handcuffed and taken to the police station without a teacher escorting him. He was released at dawn, after it was found he was a minor.

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