Greece Refugee Tells Her Story on Women's Day

Refugee Tells Her Story on Women's Day

refugeeOn the occasion of Women’s Day, a refugee from Syria narrates the story of her difficult life. She was forced to leave her homeland to live a better life in Greece. Everything she experienced in Greece made ​​her prefer war to racism.
Twenty-nine-year-old Zihan is a mother of six children. She used to be happily married until the Civil War began and her husband was arrested and jailed. Leaving Syria seemed to be the last resort for her and her children.
The young mother had never imagined what she would live in Greece. She thought she was in a country where she and her children could live a peaceful life. Instead, she has to deal with disregard and racism. One day a woman in the market, started pushing her little daughter. “I have thought even to return to war. I prefer it to Greece. We escape from war and death, to live this? ” she says.
It all started with the dissidents’ protests and then life became expensive. Gradually explosions started, bombs in schools and gunshots in cold blood. From the massacre in a nearby village, no one knows how many people were killed. My husband used to photograph the protests until he was arrested and jailed “Zihan said.
When things got worse, her husband urged her to flee to Turkey illegally. In a war you cannot have a passport issued.

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