entertainment Celebrities Bollywood Actress Neetu Chandra: Indians and Greeks Have 'A Lot' in Common

Bollywood Actress Neetu Chandra: Indians and Greeks Have 'A Lot' in Common

In an interview with The Times of IndiaBollywood actress Neetu Chandra discussed her experiences while shooting a film in Greece and Cyprus. She mentioned she saw a similarity between Greek and Indian cultures, with one minor exception.
“There’s a lot that we share in common, but I think they’re more conservative than us,” she told the publication.
Chandra didn’t elaborate on what she considered to be the more conservative aspect of Greek culture. A few months ago, she admitted that she had also “fallen in love with Greece” during her stay.
In the Greek-English film, “Home Sweet Home,” directed by Kyriakos Tofarides, Chandra is in a love triangle with three Greek men who all vie for her attention.
The film is scheduled to be released in Greece and Cyprus around Christmas.

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