Europe Zoe Dimitrakos Scores in French Basketball - and Beauty

Zoe Dimitrakos Scores in French Basketball – and Beauty

Zoe Dimitrakos is a Greek basketball player in France but it’s more than her athletic prowess that has gotten her so many adoring fans: the French have fallen in love with her classic Greek beauty.

Being 1.87 meters tall and with dark brown hair, this Greek goddess as French call her, has become popular in the country. She was born in Kalamaria region in Thessaloniki in 1987 to parents who have also been athletes themselves.

Dimitrakos played for the Greek local team Apollon Kalamarias. Then, in 2006, she signed with Panionios, one of Greece’s best basketball teams and in 2010 she moved to France. She first played with the French Aix-e-Provence, then with Charleville-Mezieres and now with CJM Bourges.

(Source: newsbeast)

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