Business Swiss 24 Heures Paper Features Western Greece

Swiss 24 Heures Paper Features Western Greece

The Swiss newspaper 24 Heures published a long feature on Western Greece, especially on tourist and production fields of Ahaia, Aitoloakarnania and Ilia prefectures. With the Western Greece Prefecture the honored region at the Lausanne-based Comptoir Suisse 2012 Fair, Swiss reporters visited the area to interview local authorities and promote it.

In June, two reporters went there to research, interview and take photos. They also met with Prefect of Western Greece Apostolos Katsifaras and Vice-Prefect for Development and Agricultural Economy George Angelopoulos.

The fair is from Sept. 14-23 and is considered one of the world’s most important financial gatherings, with many international business executives looking for investment opportunities in various countries. Prefecture of Western Greece as the honored area, is getting a free pavilion for the show.

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