Calamos Supports Greece Greece Golden Dawn Office Firebombed in Athens After Iraqi's Murder

Golden Dawn Office Firebombed in Athens After Iraqi's Murder

Greek authorities say arsonists firebombed an office of the far-right political party Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) in the area of Pagkrati, Athens, a day after the brutal murder of a 19-year-old Iraqi immigrant on Aug. 13. Witnesses said he was attacked by five men on motorcycles and stabbed a number of times.
There were no fatalities according to fire department officials. Police have not succeeded in finding either the suspected arsonist or the Iraqi’s attackers. The attacks coincide with an ongoing sweep of immigrants under the code name Xenios Zeus as authorities try to find illegal immigrants. Some 8,000 were detained.
Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias decried the murder of the Iraqi immigrant and said it is up to the authorities, not vigilantes, to find those living in Greece unlawfully.

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