Europe Katerina Moutsatsou's New Political Video: "Occupy EU"

Katerina Moutsatsou’s New Political Video: “Occupy EU”

Greek actor Katerina Moutsatsou attracts attention once again with the new strong political message against the neoliberal and cruel world she sent with a video she posted on youtube on Sunday morning.

The video is titled “Ode to Lost Joy,” apparently being a paraphrase of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony “Ode to Joy,” which has been used as the European Union’s anthem.

On the video which is accompanied by Beethoven’s world famous creation, Katerina is on a beach carving the values of the European Union and the European-Greek culture on the sand, which then waves wipe off.

Words like Democracy, Solidarity, Nations, Dignity and Jobs, Currency, Identity, Freedom are wiped off by the “sea”. But then one word appears strong enough not to fade away, and that is HELLENES…

On the video description, Katerina writes:

“Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” (1785) is the official anthem of the European Union (E.U.)

“Ode to Lost Joy” is a metaphor on the current situation the peoples of Europe are gradually facing – the people of Greece being the first and most fiercely attacked. In the name of a “Union” which has grown to be anti-democratic – infected by the corruption of its political elite, international bankers, corporations, and mainstream media – lies, blackmailing, moralizing, and scapegoating are put to use in order to subject the people to extreme hardship, shattering lives, and destroying democracy.

Occupy E.U.”


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