Europe Greek 13-Year-Old Player for FC Barcelona

Greek 13-Year-Old Player for FC Barcelona

The Greek 13-year-old Georgios Spanoudakis is the new player of FC Barcelona. He was born in 1998 and since he was 6-years-old, he has been playing football in local teams in Germany.

His appearances during football tournaments gained the attention of many football clubs as Chelsea and Barcelona.

Georgios Spanoudakis told ‘Penya Barcelonista d’ Atenes’ that when he went to Barcelona for a football tournament, one of the representatives of the Barcelona Academies told him that he should not return to Germany and to join ‘Masia’, the heart of the Barcelona youth system.

He was impressed by the professionalism that the little children demonstrate during the games and the training. He also stated that top players of Barcelona treat little players in a very kind way.

George conluded that ‘Masia’ is not just a team for him, is moreover like a school, like a whole family. George said that he will try his best in order to continue to return.

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