Greece Polish Graphic Art Exhibition in Athens

Polish Graphic Art Exhibition in Athens

Museum Kresów in Lubaczów documents the history and material culture development of the city of Lubaczów and the whole region in the area of archaeology, history, and art. It is located in an ethnically extraordinary nook of Poland. Therefore, its collection reflects the uniqueness of the culture of Kresy – an amalgam of Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Jewish influences.
The museum’s most recognizable cultural event is periodic, taking place every three years Triennale of Polish Contemporary Drawing Art, which first edition was in 1993. The contest presents works of the most outstanding contemporary Polish artists focused on drawing art. The style of presented works is minimalist, depicting often austere geometric and abstract forms. However with the use of simple form as well as tools (pencil, feather, coal, ink) artists are capable of expressing that, what in painting requires often richer and more complicated means.
The exhibition at the Hellenic-American Union, organised on the occasion of Polish Presidency of the European Union, will show the works of award-winning artists of the six successive Triennale 1993-2008, now it constitutes a permanent part of the museum’s collection. It is a unique chance to familiarise Greek public with Polish contemporary art.
The exhibition will be open on the 30th of November at 20:30 in Hellenic-American Union premises, 22, Massalias Str., Athens. Opening hours: Monday – Friday – 12:00 – 21:00; Saturday – 10:30 – 14:30, until 20th of December.
Admission is free.

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