Calamos Supports GreeceCalamos Supports Greece Europe President of Hungary Meets with Ecumenical Patriarch in Fener

President of Hungary Meets with Ecumenical Patriarch in Fener

Hungarian President Pal Schmitt met with the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in Fener last Thursday November 16.

The two men engaged in a long conversation. According to an official announcement of the Patriarchate, particular reference was made to issues concerning the presence of several religious groups residing in Hungary and how these are recognized and treated by the country’s Constitution.

The Hungarian President congratulated His Holiness Bartholomew for his 20th anniversary from his election to the ecclesiastic throne, while the Deputy PM of the Hungarian government Semjen Zsolt, who is an old friend of the Patriarch, attended a dinner in Fener that was organized in his honor.

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