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Greeks in Hungary Celebrate National “Oxi” Day

Within a very emotionally tense atmosphere due to the recent loss of Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Austria and Exarch of Hungary Michael, Greeks residing in Budapest celebrated the national “Oxi” Day Anniversary with laurel wreaths, ecclesiastic blessings and a gala.

Tributes were paid at the Monument of Hellenism in front of the Greek Orthodox Church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary in Budapest downtown. This church has been in the ownership of the Russian Orthodox Church ever since the end of World War II, but the Ecumenical Patriarchate has been taking actions on reclaiming it over the past years.

The celebrations were attended by the Ambassadors of Greece and Cyprus in Hungary, Mr. Spyridon Georgiles and Mr. Vassos Chiamberlen, the representative of the Orthodox Exarchy archpriest Joseph Calota, the president of the Görög Országos Önkormányzat, a powerful Greek association in Budapest Mr. Georgios Tzitzis, the president of the Intercultural Association Macedonia Mr. Dimitris Ladas, the president of the Greek-Cypriot-Hungarian Friendship Association and the president of the Greek Orthodox Ecclesiastic Community of Budapest Mrs. Martha Politidou.

After the ecclesiastic blessing, the Community was able to wine and dine at the gala organized by the Greek Orthodox Religious Community and the Macedonian Association.

The Monument of Hellenism was unveiled 5 years ago in a central square of the capital city and symbolizes the creative presence of Hellenism in Hungary over the centuries.

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