Australia Military Camp "Lamia" in Memory of the Battle of Crete

Military Camp “Lamia” in Memory of the Battle of Crete

In Sydney there is a military camp named “Lamia”, in the memory of Australian soldiers in this city of Greece, during the operations of the allies against the Axis Powers in 1941.

In this camp, a remembrance event was held not only for the 70 years that has passed since the Battle of Crete, but also for the general presence of Australian and New Zealander troops in Greece during the II World War.

The remembrance event was organized by the Australian-Greek Council of S.S. Wales in collaboration with the Military Police Training Center that is located in the camp and the Mixed Commitee for celebration of the Battle in Crete.

The anniversary will include tours to the several sections-units of the military camp, and the museums located inside the camp.

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