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Kalomira Talks about Her New Life, Achievements, Katy Perry and Rihanna

Kalomira Photo Courtesy of Giorgo Karfamanolis

Kalomira is influenced musically by a wide spectrum of artists. “I love Rihanna’s songs. Every song that she comes out with is great. I like R & B music, Taylor Swift, Jay Z, and Madonna. I love Katy Perry, too, since her costumes are so colorful and awesome,” she states.

Regarding the assets of Greek culture, she remarks, “I love the customs, the Easter holiday, and the food. We would always have pastichio, moussaka, arni, patates sto fourno and tzatziki. We’re a typical Greek family! I love the traditions that we have. I just think it’s a beautiful guideline of how to live your life.”

According to Kalomira, “I am 100% Greek. My mother and father are from Sparti. We used to go to Greece every summer until we opened the restaurant. I went to Greek school, and I would cry every Saturday and Sunday since I hated going. Finally, after two years, my mom couldn’t take the crying and decided that I’m not going there anymore. I was obsessed with every single Greek dance. I wanted to learn them all.”

On her proudest professional accomplishments, Kalomira states: “Fame Story alone was just really fun for me.  I never thought I would win it. My goal when I went there was to make a CD.  Eurovision as well, because we really worked so hard those three months, and to me that was very important. Also, when I played at the Irodion was such an honor! I’ll cherish it.”

On representing Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest of 2008, she notes “it was a dream come true for me. It was one of my favorite moments ever in my career and in my life. I was so honored to represent Greece. It was a huge responsibility. When I look back at that time, it’s nothing but a huge hamogelo [smile]. It was such an adventure, and I loved every moment of it.”

Regarding her most favorite songs that she has ever recorded, Kalomira shares, “‘This is the Time’ is one of my favorites, because I took my time to find it, and I love its lyrics, video clip and its beat. With that song, everything came together! ‘I Just Want You To Want Me’ is the first song that I wrote, and a lot of my fans are pleased with the fact that I wrote it. Those two are my favorites.”

When asked whether she prefers to sing in the studio vs. live, she notes, “I love performing live. It’s my favorite. That’s why I’m in this business.”

On May 14, 2011, Kalomira served as a panelist in the Hellenic Times Scholarship Fund’s (HTSF) Dramatic and Performing Arts morning workshops. “It was fabulous! I always have a great time. Nick Katsoris always does such a great job organizing these events. I really feel close to them. They are like family. Everybody that goes there is so cool and they want to have fun. It’s nice for Greeks to be together, since we should all work together, and meet up, and make our circles stronger,” she says.

At this year’s Hellenic Times GALA, Kalomira was one of its musical performers, along with Thanos Petrelis, Harold Melvin’s Bluenotes, and Kathy Sledge from Sister Sledge.

Regarding her future plans, she remarks, “Right now, I am working on my website. It’s up-and-running but we’re trying to do something completely new. It’s going to be a website that has a ‘Music’ section and a ‘Life’ section. It’s going to be a place for girls to come together.”

“We are working on songs. I don’t know when I’m going to make a full album, but we’re working on a new song,” she adds.

Regarding her dream duet choices, Kalomira discloses “Rihanna, since I am such a fan of hers and her music is fabulous. Also, Elton John since he is a classic, and he has so much experience. I think it would be fun to be on stage with him.”

On alternate career choices, she notes, “I’d probably be a teacher. I like learning first of all, and when I learn something, I have to tell people what I learned. It’s such a big deal for me. I would love to teach older students, such as college. I would love to hear their discussions.”

For hopefuls who wish to go into music, Kalomira recommends they “believe in themselves, work really hard and do not get discouraged. When you want something, go and get it! Work on your craft and your music. If you make good music, people will be listening!”

For Kalomira, success means “being happy with yourself, especially if my husband and family are well. That’s the number one priority. Then comes what you want in your life. I love singing and performing. I am very good to my fans, because they are very good to me. They are the ones that keep me going! Just being an all-around good person. You don’t want to go to sleep, and not be able to sleep, because of the things that you might have said. Just be a good person, and don’t do something that you don’t want someone to do to you.”

For the Greek-American community, Kalomira concludes, “I love that they do Greek-American events, and I hope they do more, to showcase that we are proud to be Greek here in America. They should keep up the traditions for the new generations. It’s great to know where you came from and your heritage.”

According to Mr. Nick Katsoris, President and Chairman of the Hellenic Times Scholarship Fund (HTSF), “Kalomira and George are such a wonderful couple!  It has been great working with them on two of the last three Hellenic Times events as well as for an event for my last Loukoumi children’s book benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  At the latter event, Kalomira sang a song to a group of children and they were captivated – it was so adorable as they danced along with her. Kalomira always delivers a spectacular performance. It was also an honor to attend their wedding last year – they are a very special couple!”

For more information on Kalomira, please visit her official website

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