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Greek-Americans Support Greek Efforts

Although there has been a massive negative reaction about the crisis in Greece all over the world, the situation has changed in the US. Due to the implementation of the Medium-Fiscal Program, a large number of Greek-Americans have decided to contribute to the crisis by any means they can.

CNN channel presented a new report by Jeff Stein, “With Crisis at Home, Greek-Americans to Economic Rescue”, which implies the difficulties in Greece and the immediate reaction of the Greek-Americans who responded to this situation and took the decision to help their home country.

Larissa Antypa, actress and casting director resolved to change her plans and fly to Greece instead of having a cruise in Karibik as was her first plan.

According to the report, Antypa rescheduled her vacation so as to help Greece, her homeland. She decided to spend her money in Greece to contribute to the nation. Many Greek-Americans sharing the same thoughts and feelings and are doing the same.

Theodore Spyropoulos, Coordinator/Advisor of Diaspora Hellenism noted that the number of Greek- Americans visiting Greece this year is expected to increase to 20-30% compared to 2010.


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