Europe Victory for Erdogan & Turkey's Ruling Party

Victory for Erdogan & Turkey’s Ruling Party

Prime Minister Erdogan, won for a  third term by a wide margin in Turkey’s 17th parliamentary elections on Sunday. His victory means that the government will almost certianly seek an overhaul of the military-era constitution.
Thousands of supporters of Erdogan and the ruling party cheered and waved Turkish flags outside the AK party offices in Istanbul. Erdogan, following tradition delivered a victory speech from the building’s balcony.


Earlier Sunday morning, at a polling station in Istanbul, Erdogan was quoted as saying, “We have spoken, and now it is time for the people to speak,” “For us, this will be the most honorable decision and one that we will have to respect. As far as I know, the election process is continuing throughout the country, without any problems.”

For the first time in Turkey, voters cast their ballots in transparent plastic boxes instead of the usual wooden ones. This was designed to prevent any allegations of fraud. In the southeast province of Batman, 34 people were detained for allegedly trying to coerce people into voting for the Peace and democracy Party, according to the Anatolia news agency.

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