Europe Turkish PM Insults the Word 'Greek' on TV

Turkish PM Insults the Word ‘Greek’ on TV

A statement made by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in his last election interview with television channel NTV, has sparked outrage throughout Greek communities around the world.
When asked to comment on criticism regarding himself, he replied, “There have been many books about myself and the President of the Republic. Untrue things have been said about us in these books.” ” They called us Jews, Armenians and they even called us … pardon my language, Greeks! The only thing we can do is to resort to justice.”

The expression, ‘pardon my language’ is used in English and in Turkey to apologize after cursing. As a result of what seems to have been a deliberate insult by Erdogan, messages on Turkish Twitter flooded the site in the form of “Since when is it a curse to be Greek?” and ” Is it shameful to be Greek?’

Erdogan, used the word “rum’ Romios ie, used in Turkey for the Greeks living in Turkey and Cyprus.

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