Europe Dimitris Koukos - Light & Life Exhibition in Hampstead

Dimitris Koukos – Light & Life Exhibition in Hampstead

Dimitris Koukos

Well-known Greek artist, Dimitris Koukos will exhibit his post-modern landscape paintings, invariably of Greece and the islands, at Gallery K in Hampstead, London from June 12 – July 17. It will be his first solo exhibition at the gallery.

Koukos, who was born in Athens in 1948, has delighted art enthusiasts for over 30 years and his paintings are the result of meditations on the way light and color react to forms and images in nature. His energy and love of painting outdoors is clearly seen in the conceptual, sometimes abstract images he creates. The gifted artist has been compared to an illusionist, using light and color as source of inspiration.

After studying painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts with Nikos Nikolaou and Ionnis Moralis, Koukos went on to study scene painting under Vassilis Vassiliadis and did his postgraduate studies on a scholarship granted by the EOEX at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, with Gustav Sengiers.

Since 1978, Koukos has lived and worked in Athens. He teaches at the Athens School of Fine Arts and exhibits his private collections in the USA, France, Italy, the UK, also in galleries and musuems in Greece. He doesn’t restrict his painting to the confines of a studio, preferring instead, to experience the light and life from the seashore or from the roof of his home.

In fact, you can usually find the successful impressionist on a sandy beach with a roll of canvas and acrylic paint, creating his beautiful paintings with a sheet of canvas placed flat on the ground and weighed down with large pebbles. He then….. simply paints what he sees and brings mother nature to life.

For more information about the Light & Life exhibition: +44 (0)20 7794 4949

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