Europe Rena Stamou To Perform at Mythopolis in London

Rena Stamou To Perform at Mythopolis in London

Rena Stamou

Rena Stamou, one of the most popular singers of ‘Rebetiko’ will appear on stage at Mythopolis in London, on Sunday, 29 May (8:30 – 10:30).
Rena, who was born on Crete, started her singing career as a teenager after doing an audition in front of composer Stelios Chryssinis. Her youthful and lively voice caught the attention of Yorgos Mitsakis and after only a few rehearsals, she went on to record and sing his songs ‘Semiha’ and ‘Fthohokoritso’. From the end of WW2 until the mid 1950’s, she sang with Prodromos Tsaousakis, the most famous and highest paid singer of Rebetiko at that time. Then, in 1954, Rena began touring the world taking the urban Greek Folk music from Constantinople to New York. Much later in 1974, when Rebetiko took a sudden upsurge in popularity, she became truly recognized as the original leading exponent of this musical style.

Since then, Rena has recorded songs with some of the biggest names of Rebetiko, including Giannis Tsitsonis, Markos Vamvakaris, Grigoris Bithikotsis and Loukas Daralas. Today, she still continues to thrill her audiences with her beautiful distinctive voice.

Rena, who has been living in London for the past years, will sing live at Mythopolis, a haven for people who enjoy Greek music and give what is expected to be a remarkable performance. Lovers of Rebetiko shouldn’t miss this golden opportunity to hear the talented singer.

Tickets: £15 (Students: £12)
For more information and bookings: 07909890634/02074907867

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