Europe Honorary Celebration for New Vice Mayor of Vienna Maria Vasilakou

Honorary Celebration for New Vice Mayor of Vienna Maria Vasilakou

On Wednesday night Greeks in Austria honored Maria Vasilakou, the new Vice Mayor and Deputy Governor of Vienna from Greece.  It was a great celebration at the Town Hall of the city. The event was organized by the Austrian-Greek Society and was attended by representatives of Austria’s public life, among them politicians, hundreds of Greeks and a lot of friends of Greece. The celebration coincided with the 100th day since the Greek Greens’ leader took over  ̶  as the first non-Austrian Vice Mayor and Deputy Governor throughout Vienna’s long history  ̶  at the end of last November. During the event, famous Greek mezzo soprano, Alexandra Gravas, interpreted songs of great composer Manos Chatzidakis. Maria Vasilakou highlighted that this celebration is an honor for her and encourages her to continue her work for the next five years.

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