Canada Linda Kooluris Dobbs Exhibit at Zwicker's Art Gallery, Halifax

Linda Kooluris Dobbs Exhibit at Zwicker’s Art Gallery, Halifax

Toronto’s Greek – American artist Linda Kooluris Dobbs likes to travel the world painting what she sees. Dobbs is exhibiting her high-realist watercolour paintings for the first time in Halifax at Zwicker’s Art Gallery on Nov. 12th.
Her mother was trained in the Isadora Duncan style and Dobbs studied dance as a child. However, it is as a painter and photographer that she has made her mark in the world.
Dobbs who is married to author and travel writer Kildare Dobbs, exhibits watercolour paintings from all over the world at her exhibit November 12th. On the table in the gallery is a huge book of her photographs of the Vatican Gardens with text by her husband.
Dobbs was born and raised in New Jersey and was born into the arts. Her father was a Greek immigrant who ran a restaurant in New Jersey. One day a beautiful dancer teaching at Arthur Murray’s School of Dance came in to eat.
“He took her to the St. Regis Hotel and when they walked in everybody greeted my father by name and she knew then he was not a lightweight.
“My mother was trained by the Isadorables, the adopted daughters of Isadora.  At 15 she went to Havana with a dance troupe,” says Dobbs, who dedicated The Gardens of the Vatican to her late mother.
She held a show in Vancouver of photography portraits called: “Please Be Seated”.
“I still love to paint. I’ve just found as I’ve gotten older I don’t need to paint everything.
“You must keep learning in life. I’m 61, but I feel you have to be involved, you have to see what the young people are doing and you have to not be afraid to change.”

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