Greek News Carlisle wins Honolulu mayor's race - Prevedouros was third with 19.1%

Carlisle wins Honolulu mayor’s race – Prevedouros was third with 19.1%

Honolulu’s new mayor is former City Prosecutor Peter Carlisle (photo). Carlisle won a special election Saturday to fill the remaining two years of the current term left vacant by former Mayor Mufi Hannemann, who unsuccessfully sought the Democratic nomination for governor.
Carlisle emerged the winner in the special mayoral election with 40.8 percent of the vote. Caldwell was second with 36.6 percent. University of Hawaii Greek engineering professor Panos Prevedouros (who failed to build upon an earlier wave of enthusiasm for his stance against rail), hoping to play spoiler in his second try at mayor, was third with 19.1 percent.