Australia Greek Student Film Festival in Victoria

Greek Student Film Festival in Victoria

sinemaA new institution for Greek students in Victoria is being born. It is the student film festival, bringing together classes or groups of students, or individual students, from different schools that teach the Greek language. It is each teacher’s responsibility to create a movie and participate in the competition. The central theme for this year will be “Dear, Greece I love you. . .” (Lyrics in Greek by Manolis Rassoulis for song “Dear Greece”)

The event is the result of the cooperation between the Education Office of the Consulate General of Greece in Melbourne with the “Antipodes Festival” that will take place in mid October in the context of the Greek Film Festival.

Participants may choose any topic covered in the above theme , for instance customs and traditions that survived in Victoria,or, Greek flavors in our daily diet, Celebrating the Greek way, Greek dancing and playing, Greek History through the eyes of third generation immigrants, etc.

Films may vary in form , such as short films, animation or documentary but all are limited to 4 minutes running time and the dialogue of the film must be in Greek.

There will be 3 categories of contestants: students of 3rd to 6th year of Elementary school, students of 7th to 9th year of Junior High and students of 10th to 12th year of High School.

Each category will be awarded 3 prizes (1st prize $400 AUD, 2nd $300 AUD, 3rd $200 AUD). The award criteria will be based upon creativity and imagination, amount of appropriateness of the Greek language and quality of picture and sound.

All contestants will be awarded with a certification of participation.

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