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Letter of protest to the publishers of the German magazine FOCUS by the Federation of Greek Communities in Germany

1 18-10-52A letter of protest, written in a harsh tone, was issued today to the publishers of the German magazine FOCUS by OEK (Federation of Greek Communities in Germany), regarding the publication of two defamatory articles against Greece which are featured, as it is known, on this month’s edition of the magazine.

In the letter it is stated, among other things, that Greek immigrants in Germany who are well aware of the meaning of hard work, do not agree with retirement after 15 years of work, do not approve of bribing, criticise nepotism, fraud, setting the country in excessive debt, creative statistics and salute the fact that the governments of Germany and other European countries provided political support to Greece and that the EU will monitor the implementation of the Stability and Growth pact which was adopted by the Greek government.

However, as OEK underline, more subjects should be placed under discussion, such as the pandering of the Greek Political system from Multinationals – such as Siemens- the state of security of Greece, which makes it consider necessary to proceed to financially vigorous measures and also the interest of the countries that actually sell and many more conditions which led to the state of Greece as it is today.

The letter continues that views, such as the one of the president of the Foundation of Financial Research of the German economy Ifo, should be placed under discussion as well. An interview of the president of the Foundation of Financial Research is also included in the this month’s issue whereby he states that instead of dismissing Greece from the Euro zone or the case of its inclusion in the International Monetary Fund, he would prefer the withdrawal of Germany from the Euro, in order to restore the German Mark and speaks of the “usefulness” of “depreciating the Euro” so that German exports can flourish.

This would be the objective level of a genuine discussion in European public opinion terms. Instead of this, OEK is blaming the Focus magazine publishers, the magazine that decided to discredit the entire Greek people, by insulting in a very disrespectful way our cultural heritage and by spreading lies regarding our level of intellect and culture.

OEK continues in their letter to the publishers of the magazine by stating that: You are so easily degrading Aristotle, leaving out the destruction of ancient Greek statues by the Byzantines, you pour crocodile tears for the fall of Esperia to the Otomans, you record the massacres against the Greek nation, and you mention Falmerayer – honestly since when was the measuring of the head’s circumference known as a measure of determining racial identity? – and all that just to prove that the real Greek Nation has been long gone and as forgers of history itself you wish to become sensors and governors of the Hellenic culture. This is not fair and true, it is simply racist.

What of course is missing from what the purebred editors of the magazine are listing, as it was identified by OEK in a very caustic tone, is making reference to three critical points – the glorious participation of the Crusaders towards the destruction of Byzantium, the contribution of Imperial Germany to the ethnic massacres carried out by the Turks against Armenians and Greeks in Minor Asia, and lastly the stealing of Greek Ancient artifacts by the Nazis as well as their heroic acts against the Greek People and the Greek Economy – the occupational debt worth billions – if you exclude the fact that the Nazis paid a couple of installments – remains unpaid to date.

So much bile against an entire nation, such cheap and dangerous demagogy, can only resemble journalism of the Superhuman race, aiming towards increasing the number of their copies only. However, the reactions to your inappropriate actions will soon follow. And this is sad. We, concludes the letter, along with the sane people of this country, whom you put to shame with your articles, will gather the debris you left behind and will detoxify the relations between the two nations from the poison that you shed.

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