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Cyber Twin : A pioneer invention of an expat scientist

The Internet “Twin person”, created by a Greek Australian is already four years old. After visiting Mars, Cyber Twin has had a sex change, became “Katerina” and has now also learnt… greek!
Cyber Twin’s creator is expat Dr. John Zakos, of the Gold Coast of Australia and his collaborator Liz Capel (photo), who are especially proud and satisfied from the course and development of their creation.
The expat claims to give everyone the opportunity to create their twin over the internet- who can easily replace them and speak to their friends, to their collegues, their clients and to anyone wishing to communicate with them electronically.
And all this was possible with gracious funding worth $1.5 million that he received 4 years ago from the Australian government. As their goal is Cyber Twin’s penetration in the world’s largest companies, John Zakos and his collegue Liz Caper, have 1.000 clients, companies from all over the world, two of Australia’s largest banks, to which two more are to be added this year.
“No employee positions threatened”
When asked whether the development of Cyber Twin threatens employee positions, Zakos responds: “I wouldn’t say so. On the contrary, people are freed to occupy other areas where the Twin cannot penetrate. He performs the repetitive, mechanical work that tires people out. Let us not forget that people are not machines. Cyber Twin can work very productively 24/7. The employee can, for example, clock off at 5pm and put the Cyber Twin in his place, as a replacement.”
The Twin’s popularity is vastly expanding and this is naturally due to its excellent performance. “Compared to man, his success rate is 89-95% when asked to give information and perform customer service duties, whereas an employee averages 81%. He answers directly and accurately. He collects vast information which he evaluates, according to the instructions he has received”, says John Zakos.
Apart from the computer, in which it was initially placed, it is now ready to “come closer to man and to be incorporated into devices that are near him in order to assist him fully. So, within days it will be incorporated in mobile phones. This is a new revolutionary application which will be followed by others, such as it’s presence in the car, to give the driver information or to read to him his e-mails.”
His presence can be expanded in the kitchen, to assist us when we prepare food, telling us, for example, what ingredients we need to make spaghetti or snapper ala spetsiota!

It can be used from the most complicated, to the simplest everyday jobs. He will characterize them as “advanced and effective applications”. John Zakos’s leaps in the IT environment have already become known on a universal level.
Katerina of the Internet speaks greek
After the first publication of the MyCyberTwins invention, which made it around the world, mr Zakos, received an invitation to take part in the Artificial Intelligence Convention in Athens. Having a passion of the greek language, his speech was about a CyberTwin, Clive, who would be able to help in a “live” and effective way, those who wished to practice a foreign language.
“Clive, has the ability to hold open, interesting conversations with people on various subjects. That gives the users the opportunity to practice the language in a more “natural” and live manner. Experiments held between Clive and users, showed that Clive operates accurately and is a very effective medium for practicing the language.”
Furthermore, he will discuss his upcoming CyberTwin, Katerina, who only speaks greek… however, also knows fluent English. So, when you speak English to her, she responds in greek. His vision also, is to establish an International Greek Language Award in Australia, for which children from the greek schools will compete in various aspects of the language.
“I believe it will be a motivation for children of a greek origin to want to learn the language, and even more, to be distinguished in it”, says John Zakos, who also , let it be noted, has attracted the interest of top Cyberspace scientists, like Gordon Bell, who, in his book “Total Recall”, refers extensively to Zakos’s CyberTwin.
With roots in Gythio , from his dad’s side, and Chania of Crete, from his mum, he is passionate about the greek language and schedules pioneer ways to inspire the new generations to love it, learn it properly and use it. But that is a different story.
Now, we have “our other self which, the more time we spend on training him, the more he will resemble us”, says John Zakos about “MyCyberTwin”.
Let us not assume that it is a difficult and complicated procedure, he confirms, emphasizing that “MyCyberTwin” can be created fast and trained comparatively easily.
Apart from the fact that it can speak on your behalf, in your absence, at the same time it collects information, like for example, where your friends are going for the weekend, and, in the case of companies, what people’s opinions are about a certain individual or product.
“The Twin”, says its inventor, “finds answers to others’ questions and responds in the most exact way. You can create a Twin in ten minutes, but you definitely need to spend extra time if you goal is to create a faithful image of yourselves. You will need to train it to express itself like you do, to assimilate your knowledge and to operate on your behalf.”
This new IT discovery operates on a 24/7 basis, which means that even while you’re asleep, your fortune could be at work. Your other self can speak on your behalf, serve people, collect information and enrich it’s knowledge.
The expat scientist says that his invention does not keep people at a distance. “The idea”, he explains, “is for it to open new ways of communication and introduction, for us to come into direct contact with people which we possibly would not have had an opportunity to meet in our lifetimes, without that meaning that our natural connection to people would change. I believe that we need to find the golden medium.
We need to find a balance between yesterday and today, having always our mind open to the future. Exallou, we must not forget that the better informed we are, the more whole we are as individuals.
And what role does honesty play in the development of our Twin, our clone? He explains: “ It depends on whether we want to make a faithful copy of our character, of our real self, or of a person we would ideally like to be. In addition, we create MyCyberTwin in order to have fun or to assist us on a serious level? The choice, at the end of the day, is ours.”
Mr Zakos has a PhD in Information Technology from the University of Griffith in Queensland. He won a scholarship to continue his studies and he visited the United States where for eighteen months he studied the latest developments in his field.
This period he is a visiting professor at Griffith University, in the Faculty of Information Technology, and also a council member for the scheduling of international conferences.
He also went to …Mars
We are also reminding that Phoenix, the US’s latest space shuttle to planet Mars, had a voice, and even more so a greek one thanks to Mr Zakos. His invention MyCyberTwin, appeared on Mars, giving an opportunity to everyone to attempt a familiarization trip to the far planet. MyCyberTwin was the twin of the Phoenix spaceship which appeared on Mars and from there it answered all questions of the interested parties related to the spaceship’s mission.
“My company cooperated with NASA- the American Aerospatial Service- with the result that, MyCyberTwin, after special training in Houston, became the “voice” of the Phoenix”, said the expat scientist.
Source: ana-mpa

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