Vassy (Karagiorgos)

Vassy (Karagiorgos)

Vasilliki Karagiorgos was born in Darwin, Australia and is known mononymously as Vassy. She is a Greek-Australian R&B singer-songwriter. Vassy, whose parents are both Greek immigrants, was discovered in 2003 after winning an Australian (Triple J) radio contest and quickly began to receive recognition in Australia for her vocal talent and style, heavily influenced by Billie Holiday. In late 2005, Vassy released her debut album My Affection.

Vassy is a singer/songwriter who’s written songs for other artists as well as hit television shows and film projects. Her music has been heard on several major network television episodes, motion pictures and video games such as Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), Ugly Betty (ABC), Windfall (NBC), Notes from the Underbelly (Warner Bros.), In The Motherhood (ABC), Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime, When in Rome (Disney Movie Trailer), Last Holiday (Paramount Pictures), Powder Blue (Blue Snow Productions), Chill Out to the Sounds of Vassy (Sprite Campaign), FIFA (EA Sports Video Game), The Sims (Video Game) and a recent Hilton Hotels ad campaign.

Vassy is currently working on a new album project between Los Angeles, New York and London. She is collaborating with top producers and remixers who include Richard Vission (U2, Lady GaGa, Radiohead, Weezer), Chico Bennett (Madonna, Hilary Duff), Camara Kambon (Mary J. Blige, Macy Gray, Dr. Dre, Eminem) and Track n Field (Nelly Furtado).

Her new single, “History” released in 2010 has already become a hit.

Vassy is also recognized for her philanthropy work with various charity groups in Australia. She was the Youth Ambassador for Australia Carers, an organization for young carers, people under the age of 26 who provide care in a family affected by illness, disability, mental health and/or drug or alcohol issues of one or more family members or friends.