Greece to be Subject to Strict Post-Bailout Surveillance

Greece will be subject to strict surveillance by European institutions after the end of the third bailout program in August. According to a document seen by Greek newspaper Kathimerini, Athens will be obliged to meet...

Greek Court Frees Treason-Charge Lawmaker on €30K Bail

A Greek court has freed far-right lawmaker Konstantinos Barbarousis on bail of €30,000 ($35,000). Barbarousis appeared before a magistrate on Wednesday on charges of treason. The charges stem from an outburst last Friday in parliament when Barbarousis said the Greek...

Forbes назвал самых высокооплачиваемых спортсменов мира

Американский журнал Forbes представил рейтинг самых высокооплачиваемых спортсменов мира. В него вошли 100 человек из 22 стран – все мужчины. За последний год они заработали все вместе $3,8 млрд, что на 23% больше, чем...

Greek “Opa! Fest” Celebrates Its 25th Year This Weekend in Troy, Michigan

For the 25th year, Opa! Fest in Troy, Michigan is bringing the best of Greek culture and food to the locals. This famous Greek festival is set to take place this year over three-days this...

Школьники Ларнаки отправили в космос первый кипрский спутник

Ученики школы Pascal English города Ларнаки смогли отправить небольшой спутник под именем Одиссея в космос, который пролетев 3 часа, поднялся на высоту 27 км от земли и записал свое путешествие на камеру. Кипрские СМИ иронизируют,...

FYROM Ratifies ‘North Macedonia’ Deal with Greece Amid Opposition Boycott

Lawmakers in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) on Wednesday ratified the name deal with Greece in a first-step vote which was boycotted by the country's main opposition party. The necessary legislation was passed...

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