Scottish Scientists to Assist Cypriot Farmers Produce Halloumi Cheese

Researchers from Edinburgh University are to help farmers in Cyprus to produce more milk for halloumi, in order to meet the high demand for the specialty cheese. According to a Famagusta Gazette report, Scottish scientists are...

Tsipras ‘Knew from the Beginning’ about Controversial Saudi Arms Deal

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was aware of the proposed arms deal with Saudi Arabia from the beginning, according to leaked documents tabled in parliament by opposition MPs. The controversial agreement was the subject of...

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Concert in Belgium Raises Money for “Fuel for Schools” in Northern Greece

A total of 35,000 euros has been raised in a charity concert in Brussels, in support of the initiative "Fuel for Schools".  The funds were handed over to the International Foundation for Greece on...

Greece Issues Tender for Seven TV Licenses

Greece has officially announced the tender for the auctioning of seven nationwide, high-definition TV licenses of general content. The tender; in Greek and English, and the deadline for the submission of an application is January...

希腊向沙特售武引轩然大波 反对党严词谴责


Greece’s ex-Football Chief Charged with Misuse of UEFA Donation

A prosecutor has charged a former head of Greece's football federation (EPO), with breach of duty over the misuse of a large donation by UEFA that was intended to support fire-stricken areas in the...



Greek Scientists Find Unexpected Drug Target for Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Greek scientists found an unexpected new drug target for acute myeloid leukemia (AML) that could open new avenues to develop effective treatments against the potentially lethal disease. (AML) is an aggressive blood cancer that affects...