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‘The Magic Greek’ of the Beatles Alexis Mardas Passes Away

Magic Alex of the Beatles, or Alexis Mardas as it was his legal name, was found dead from natural causes in his apartment in Athens, Friday January 13.

Newspaper Publisher Stavros Psycharis to Face Criminal Charges of Tax Evasion, Money-Laundering

A first-instance court public prosecutor on Wednesday pressed criminal charges against newspaper publisher Stavros Psycharis for tax evasion and legalizing income from illegal activity,...

Firm Founder John Calamos And CEO John Koudounis To Acquire Calamos Asset Management

  Founder and chairman John Calamos and CEO John Koudounis announced to take one of the most respectable money managing firms in America, Calamos Asset...

FYROM Artist Wears a Greek Flag with a Swastika in Canadian Comedy Tour

His racist t-shirt also reads "F-ck Greece" to complete the insult and evoke anger towards Greece says a Canadian advocacy group. Read the full story.