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Anastasios is the founder of Greek Reporter. To learn more you can visit his personal website at Anastasios.tv.

Former US VP Joe Biden to Address Inaugural Concordia Europe Summit in Athens

Concordia, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that builds partnerships for social impact, will welcome former Vice President of the United States, recipient of the Presidential...

Breaking: The Trump White House Now Investigated for Ties to Greece

While American authorities have been investigating the alleged ties of the Trump administration to Russia, a country with intelligence agencies that date back to Ancient times has...

Desert Monks: The Orthodox Brotherhood of St. Anthony in Arizona (Full Documentary)

In 1995, a few Orthodox monks left Mount Athos in Greece and came to the US to start an Orthodox Monastery in the...

The African Greeks of Avato (Full Documentary)

Watch our documentary on Avato, the village in Northern Greece that is home to the Greek descendants of the African slaves that were once...

The Story of the One Armed Boxer: A Documentary (trailer)

This is a teaser excerpt from our upcoming documentary “The Greek” that follows one armed professional boxer Vaggelis Chatzis.

The Symbolism of Cracking Red Eggs on Easter

On the first hours of Easter Sunday and right after “Christ has risen” Greek Orthodox crack red eggs during dinner. This tradition-while fun as...

Ropoto: Greece’s Sinking Ghost Town (Full Documentary)

Watch “Ropoto: Greece’s Sinking Ghost Town,” a documentary about an abandoned village in central Greece that suffered an unprecedented natural disaster. Ropoto was once a...

The Rocket War of Chios: An Easter Game (Full Documentary)

On Easter 2015, Greek Reporter filmed the 200-hundred-year old custom on the Greek island of Chios where two churches engage in an unprecedented rocket war...

Why Do Greeks Dye Easter Eggs Red and How to Do It [Video]

For Greek Orthodox Christians one of the oldest Easter traditions are red-dyed eggs. Here's why we do it and how you can do it too,...

The Last Greeks of Princes’ Islands – (Full Documentary)

This documentary was originally filmed in 2009 and it has never been shown before. It was one of the very first Greek stories that inspired us to...